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My top three 2017 sustainability stories

My top three 2017 sustainability stories are the rise of ZDHC, ocean plastics and the circular economy

Ideas to create a healthier marketplace

Sustainable chemistry, a robust business model and the rapid screening of toxicity data will help to create a healthier marketplace.

Six initiatives that drive safer chemical innovation

Safer chemical innovation can transform the industry which will result in safer products and supply chains. Many companies are embracing the opportunity

Opportunities to scale green chemistry

One of the objectives of the conference was to find ways to scale green chemistry and what role, if any, should the GC3 play to support this idea.

Driving the Adoption of Green Chemistry in the Textile Industry

Levi Strauss and Berkeley-Haas Center for Responsible Business hosted a forum to drive the adoption of screened chemistry.

Sustainable apparel, three new trends

To combat environmental pollution, there has been an effort by brands to develop sustainable apparel initiatives in products and supply chains.

Insights from an alternative materials workshop

The workshop was built around the “case of BPA-free can linings,” but the gist was to share best practices and common challenges across industries as we move towards alternative materials.

What is lurking in your toothpaste?

A new report published by the Cornucopia Institute, compares and assesses the ingredients of many toothpastes available in the marketplace

People want to know about safer products

indigo blue plant

My top blog entries for 2015 centered mostly on safer products, and the role retailers play in driving demand and educating their customers around those products. I thought it would be interesting to compare the popularity of my blogs in 2015. I wrote over 30 articles about chemical management, including blog posts on Chemical regulations. […]

BizNGO conference attracts thought-leaders committed to safer chemicals


This was the 10th BizNGO conference and there was much to discuss and learn. BizNGO is one of my favorite conferences because there is such a willingness to share information, brainstorm ideas and drive forward on the path to safer chemicals. I really like the interesting content, the cross industry collaboration and the valuable input from the NGO […]

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