What We Do

We help you protect your brand reputation and reduce risk by developing a chemicals management program to address chemicals in products and supply chains.

Build the Business Case

We benchmark competitors, other industries and conduct interviews. These insights help craft a vision, a chemicals management strategy and roadmap customized for your company.

We help you align leadership, speak to internal and external stakeholders, and embed a chemicals management strategy throughout the organization.

We identify goals and KPI’s for you to implement into annual business plans, monitor progress and communicate results.

We believe in resilient supply chains that create win-win partnerships. We provide recommendations on how to create strategic alliances within the supply chain system and help you connect with the right external stakeholders.

You work in resilient supply chains with clear expectations and accountabilities. There are strong connections between brands, suppliers and chemical companies that optimize your brand reputation.

Start at the beginning to assess where you are, identify goals and strategies to build partnerships and manage your chemicals.

Marketing and Communication

We communicate your product innovations, your chemicals management approach and your stories through inbound marketing and blogging.

We help identify common language, a consistent approach and strive for a concise, clearly articulated message, easy to understand, and engaging to the audience.

You receive more effective messaging that aligns and engages internal and external stakeholders, and an audience who is clear on the chemicals management message.

Your product claims are fully substantiated with data to protect your company reputation.

You receive increased clarity around industry and market opportunities, consistent language and harmonized tools to simplify implementation.

Building a common language leads to more effective messaging and improved consumer trust and Brand reputation.

Product Transparency

We identify chemical hotspots in your product offering and prioritize work to get immediate results.

We research and suggest best available practices that result in safer chemicals, the safe use of chemicals and cleaner supply chains.

We track chemical regulations relevant to your industry sector to help you to meet regulatory requirements.

We provide hazard and functional use information on chemical ingredients and strive towards full material disclosure.

We help you meet eco-labels and standards such as bluesign®, GOTS® and Safer Choice.

You make informed decisions on chemical choices, comply with regulations and adhere to desired standards, and eco-labels.

We identify key issues and risks in your supply chain. We work with suppliers to understand the materials and processes used to make your products. We review Restricted Substance Lists and other tools to ensure suppliers know and understand how to implement and adhere to your requirements.

We work with your product designers, supply chain and customers to educate them in the benefits of using safer chemicals. We provide training and tailor the contents and message to the audience.

You work with manufacturers who have been trained to manage chemicals. Your RSL and MRSL comply with the regulations applicable to your industry.

You become a market leader in chemicals management and work with a better-educated workforce who knows how to use chemicals safely.

Transparency is the new Green. But you can’t share what you don’t know. We can identify key issues in your supply chain.


We design and facilitate workshops, ideation sessions and rapid prototyping to identify future concepts and technologies grounded in sustainability.

We help you build a pipeline of innovation to drive new business opportunities.

You lead in the marketplace with innovations that drive profitable growth resulting in competitive differentiation in a crowded market.

You create safer consumer products, strong R&D relationships with industry, universities and entrepreneurs and the opportunity to reduce complexity and save money.

Lead in the marketplace and drive profitable growth with innovated ideas and strategies.

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