How We Work

We work in a methodical way to assess your situation and develop a customized plan that meets your chemical management needs.

We start wherever you are.

No matter where your company is in the process of building a chemicals management program, we can jump in to help. We work in a collaborative and methodical way to understand your vision, the scope of your products and supply chain components, and how to communicate your company position.


The Vision

Develop and implement a chemicals management vision.

Build a roadmap to align and communicate your path forward.

Implement into your business plan.


The Product

Know and assess the chemicals in your product.

Find safer alternatives.

Lead in the marketplace through innovation.


The Supply Chain

Assess your supply chain to identify and prioritize issues and risks.

Connect, provide win-win relationships that result in resilient supply chains.

Adopt best practices.


The Message

Educate your employees, manufacturing partners and consumers.

Communicate with authenticity.

Share the journey.

Compliance and Beyond Compliance

Compliance is the foundation of any chemicals management program. Every company selling or manufacturing must ensure their products meet requirements set out by relevant legislative bodies.

We help companies develop chemicals management practices that comply with regulatory requirements.

Once you fully implement safer chemicals, broad sustainability best practices, and transparent, authentic communication, you move beyond compliance. You protect and strengthen your company’s brand and reputation.

We help you build the business case to know and manage chemicals in products and supply chains. Use this to create a vision, strategy, and roadmap to proactively integrate safer chemicals into your products and supply chains.


Identify and mitigate your legal risk

Meeting current legislative requirements is complicated and time consuming. There are no global chemical directives and the constant changing nature of the regulatory landscape makes achieving compliance requirements difficult. The first step to mitigate risk is to develop a chemicals management program that, at a minimum, facilitates a company’s ability to meet regulatory requirements.

We track chemical regulations to provide the most up to date information on REACH and U.S. States.

We prioritize the hotspots and focus the work to provide our clients with a quick payback and immediate results.

We help you adhere to regulations by implementing tools such as restricted substance lists (RSL’s) and managing Alternatives Assessments. We oversee the complete phase-out of restricted chemicals from products and supply chains.

Research safer alternatives

If a company is using restricted chemicals, it is critical to identify and implement safer alternatives. Finding alternatives to chemicals of concern can be a challenging and lengthy process.

It is important to establish an R&D process that factors in time to market, cost, and the best research partners. We have managed R&D processes for multiple brands and can establish a process that works for your company.

Once we have a strategy in place that puts you in compliance, we can identify chemicals that may not be regulated today but could be in the future.


Beyond Compliance

Innovate in the marketplace

Employing innovation processes are important to companies that develop products.

We have experience developing and implementing approaches to innovation that drive new business opportunities through a sustainability lens.

We design and facilitate workshops, ideation sessions and rapid prototyping to identify future concepts and technologies grounded in sustainability that can put your company in a market-leading position.

Know chemicals in products

We help you meet product eco-labels such as bluesign® and Safer Choice that satisfy customer demands and provide new business opportunities.

We provide hazard and functional use information on chemical ingredients and strive towards full material disclosure.

We work with your suppliers to understand the materials and processes used to make your products. We ensure they know how to implement and adhere to your requirements.

Design safer products

If products are designed without hazardous chemicals, the need to manage those chemicals during manufacture, distribution and end of life is somewhat reduced.

We suggest designing through a sustainability lens, which may include using hazard assessment tools early in the process to make well-informed chemical decisions.

We continually research the latest sustainability tools and can implement them in a way that makes sense to your company.

Market your product and communicate

Employees and stakeholders should understand the sustainability commitment of the company. Provide transparent information and be a leader in the marketplace.

We can help you build a communication strategy that clearly articulates your chemicals management program and cascades it through the organization and to key stakeholders.

We help you develop consumer marketing claims and ensure the data exists for you to substantiate those claims

We create and write useful marketing messages through social media and blogging to bring your message home and provide subject matter expertise to topics in the chemicals management arena.

Train and educate your partners

Chemicals mean different things to different people. “Green Chemistry” is used interchangeably with sustainable chemistry, natural chemistry and safe chemistry.

We develop educational initiatives, consistent language, and training modules for a variety of stakeholders who have different levels of technical understanding to ensure they are using chemicals in a way that minimizes possible hazards.


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