We develop chemical management programs to reduce risk and enhance your brand reputation.

We develop chemical management programs to reduce risk and enhance your brand reputation.

What We Do

Build a Business Case

Information is king. We help build the case to know and manage chemicals in your products and supply chains. MORE >

Product Transparency

Identify the chemicals in your products to meet regulations, eco-labels and consumer demands. MORE >

Marketing & Communication

We develop key messaging and substantiate consumer marketing claims about your chemical usage. MORE >


Drive new business opportunities and build an R&D framework to choose safer chemical alternatives. MORE >

Latest Tips and Insights


What is lurking in your toothpaste?

A new report published by the Cornucopia Institute, compares and assesses the ingredients of many toothpastes available in the marketplace


Fire retardant

States consider over 60 bills to regulate chemicals in 2016

U.S. states have been working independently to consider restrictions on chemicals because they can’t wait for the federal government to act. In 2016, over 20 states are considering 60 bills that would regulate the manufacture and sale of chemicals or restrict their use in products. The bills range from labeling requirements to blanket prohibitions on certain chemicals in defined products and can be roughly categorized as follows.



Five steps to improve supply chain transparency

With mounting scrutiny around supply chain transparency, companies are faced with the need to develop stronger relationships with suppliers. Companies must have visibility deeper in their supply chains. Transparency means companies know where their products are made and by whom.


Client Stories


Cotton Inc., whose role is to increase the demand of cotton through research and promotion, was interested in understanding the implications of Green Chemistry demands in the textile industry faced by brands and suppliers.


green screen logo

Clean Production Action sought advice on a claims strategy that would help companies understand and incorporate GreenScreen as an assessment tool into their processes.



Coyuchi, a sustainable home furnishings company, needed to know what chemicals were in use within their supply chain.


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