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NGO ranks U.S. retailers on chemicals policies

It targeted big box retailers in the U.S. to phase out of products that contain harmful chemicals.

“Mind the Store” asks retailers to phase out hazardous chemicals

retail store

The Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition is concerned about toxic chemicals in products. The coalition represents more than 11 million individuals and over 450 organizations and businesses united by a common concern about toxic chemicals found in homes, places of work, and products consumers use every day. Their focus is on: Strong federal and state policies to […]

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics catalyzes positive change in the cosmetics industry

People in many cultures treasure cosmetics. Unfortunately some are made with hazardous chemicals. The industry provides us with a host of products to make us feel healthier, cleaner and more attractive. We buy endless amounts of cosmetics and cleansing products for skin and hair. Our bathroom cupboards are living proof of our purchases. But many cosmetics […]

Detox campaign targets apparel brands to eliminate hazardous chemicals

Apparel is a 780 billion dollar industry and one of the largest users of water and chemicals. This also means it is one of the biggest polluters. Greenpeace launched its Detox Campaign in 2011 as a way to expose some of the environmental issues that directly result from using hazardous chemicals in textile and apparel manufacturing. How does […]

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