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My top three 2017 sustainability stories

My top three 2017 sustainability stories are the rise of ZDHC, ocean plastics and the circular economy

Why supply chain transparency is important


Corporate supply chain practices are attracting increasing legal, regulatory, and consumer scrutiny. Not only do people want to know what is in their products and how they are made, there is also a growing movement to understand the environmental impact of products and services. These trends mean companies need better visibility into their products and […]

Target Corp. responds to demand for safe, sustainable products

Target Made to Matter

Sales of “Made to matter-Handpicked by Target” expected to exceed 1 billion in 2015. Made to Matter-Handpicked by Target was launched in 2014 with 16 organic, sustainable and natural brands. Products originally spanned five categories—Baby, Beauty and Personal Care, Grocery, Healthcare and Household. In less than a year, the collection has grown to over 31 […]

Alternatives Assessments – What are they and why do they matter?

alternative assessment

I just returned from the International Symposium on Alternatives Assessments. This emerging field is focused on the adoption of safer chemicals and ultimately safer products and materials. It was hosted by the University Massachusetts Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. A group of technical experts met to discuss ways to advance the science and practice of Alternatives […]

The Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement is one of my top 5 trends in Chemicals Management for 2015. Stakeholder Engagement is important in any industry. There is ample opportunity to work together to identify solutions to large complicated problems. A few years ago, leading companies worked independently to drive innovation in sustainability. Marks and Spencer’s with its Plan A […]

The Top 5 Aha’s in Starting My Business

Although not directly related to services I provide, I offer this post to anyone trying to start their own business. I present no opinion or advice about how to write a business plan, finances, or what legal structure your company should have. Rather it is simply some reflections as I look back over the last year.

My Top 5 Trends in Chemicals Management

Consumers care what chemicals are in the products they purchase, and companies are listening. I read a lot about chemicals, regulations and tools used to identify and track chemicals in products and supply chains. I follow different industries, and have put together what I consider to be, important trends in Chemicals Management. These trends should be considered by any […]

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