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Explaining low impact dyes

Low impact dyes are dyes that has been classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as eco-friendly

Why preservatives are needed in our cosmetics and household cleaners


Preservatives are added to almost all personal care items including nail polish, cleansers and moisturizing lotions. Some preservatives are toxic and there is a growing effort to replace them with safer alternatives. What are Preservatives? Preservatives are substances added to products to stop them from spoiling. They are added to food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and household products to […]

Pesky Plastic Microbeads

microbeads in body wash

Microbeads are tiny polyethylene beads used widely in some personal care products. They have different functions such as: Exfoliating agents in skincare products including body washes Texture enhancers by providing a silky texture in skin creams and lotions Facilitate the ability to spread skin creams and lotions Provide color in toothpaste to add visual appeal What you […]

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